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Want to follow trade but do not want to leave your favourite broker ??? Our copy trade platform is the solution!! We also the best solutions for traders or fund managers who have many accounts in multiple brokers and have problems to managing their accounts

An innovative service that allows to follow professional forex traders, monitor and copy their online trading transactions without having to leave your favourite broker.

Being a service that can compete with broker trader copy services, the Copy Trade system makes Forex Basecamp an innovative market place. The Copy Trade system represents a new, up-to-date financial service. This system requires no investment in share-holder projects and provides instant execution of a copy of a transaction order, a subscription of selected currency pairs and other financial instruments, and also adjust the copying ratio .

Forex copy platform is created to enable you to copy orders from experienced and successful registered traders. Statistics of the trading process and strategy selection you can see on the monitoring page.

Copier can use the monitoring list to select the best Trader and follow to them. The Copy Trade system gives Copier an opportunity to customize the subscription parameters for each Trader separately. These subscription parameters include copying rates, currency pairs and other financial instruments, and limits on the number of transactions per day. Copier can set these parameters individually for each trader.

What are the benefits from our Forex Copy Platform?

  • Master Copy Trade can earns 50% from IB commissions for every close trade Follower
  • Master and follower are no cost at all

The income will run automatically in our system!