How To Get Income

Forex Basecamp is a provider of copy trading platform across brokers and across metatrader. Forex Basecamp offers additional earnings for forex trader who become a master trader in Copy Trade. The Master earns an additional income from forex basecamp commissions from follower trading account

How To Start ?

  • Create a master account dan earn commission from your follower ( Tutorial to become master trader )
  • Promote your trading account and get follower
  • Earn commissions from every close transaction of your follower account
  • Withdrawal your commission using Fasapay and neteller

Rules Pay out Commission

  • The shared commission to the master is 50% of the Commission received by IB from close transaction follower. If no commissions are received by IB, no commissions are paid to the master
  • If the IB commission of each follower transaction is less than $ 0.1. then no commissions are shared from the transaction
  • Commissions received by master traders are paid using USD
  • Unpaid commissions can not be disbursed for any reason
Your income are automatically applied to your In/Out Income page.